Island Lake has 5.5 metres of snow and extends season

Island Lake Catskiing has simply been having an amazing snow year.  Over 200 cms of the white stuff has fallen in the last couple of weeks.  The consolidated base in the Alpine is around 5.5 metres or 18 feet of snow.  The Cedar Valley, in which Island Lake lies, is well known for having a unique microclimate.  “We seem to get about twice the amount of snow as the surrounding area.  The mountain here are perfectly situated to produce large amounts of snow in the winter and this winter has been the best in years” says Mike McPhee from Island Lake Catskiing.

With the extraordinary amount of snow we have, it only makes sense to keep on running into April” says Mike McPhee from Island Lake Catskiing. The resort will run an extra multi-day trip April 3-6 and be running day skiing until at least April 7th.   “If you have not had enough snow yet and enjoy sunny spring skiing, give us a call”. Added McPhee

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2 Responses to Island Lake has 5.5 metres of snow and extends season

  1. Iomi says:

    5.5 meters of snow? sounds exciting.. We had such a wonderful time in Colorado such a beautiful place. but the picture in this blog is awesome.. snow!

  2. ski freak says:

    Interior of BC has had a great season this year with more on the way – over 50cm this week with another 25cm forecasted tonight. Cat skiing in BC is the best!

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