Island Lake Catskiing Jan 19, 2012

By Mike McPhee and Darryn Schewchuck

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  1. Hello my name is Brian Farquharson .
    I am a mountain guide working out of zermatt Switzerland. I have been given your name from an Austrian guide who lives in Canada. I am planning to come to Canada in FEB 20013. With three groups and would like to cat-ski in the revelstoke area . It would be three groups of 6 + guide me ( 7 persons) spread though out Feb.
    The package i would like would be 4-5 days cat skiing and also if you have it 5-6 nights in a lodge – hotel half board ` basically 18 persons overnight stay and cat skiing in feb 2013` `
    My question is . Can you give me a price for each group and does the guide me (organiser) go free. I am of to Norway for a month and it would be great if I could get some prices together before I leave .
    I have two groups who would like to put a deposit down before I leave . I have five guides working for me at the moment and would like to put this option to my client base and also on my web page.

    many thanks Brian

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