Prepare Yourself 100% Prior To Ski Season With Ski Training Exercises

The correct ski training exercises are necessary in order to become set for ski season; not exercising regularly and properly will signify getting tired too quickly when on skis, and not having the control you need as well. These exercises should be specifically designed for those that ski and not just general aerobic exercises or weight lifting routines.

Regular sessions of these exercises need to commence well in advance of ski season. This is the only way to get your body in top shape so that you can get out on the slopes the first day the powder is ready.

Core Training

Your core is very important to skiing; the abs, back and side are going to help you balance on the skis and help you direct yourself as well. Without a strong core, your body will be jarred about, you’ll fall more, and you’ll have more pain and even more injuries when skiing.

Prepare your body for ski season with core training. Lay on your back with your legs outstretched and lift them off the floor just a few inches. You will feel the core muscles being worked hard to support the legs. Pull them into your chest and twist at the waist so that your knees are to one side; don’t collapse the legs onto the floor but hold them an inch or two in the air. Your sides will work harder to support this movement.

Finish this exercise with a strong stretch by laying down with your legs outstretched, and then pull them up and over your head so your toes are touching the ground behind you. If necessary, hold the back of your waist with your hands but if you can go without this support, keep your arm outstretched to the sides.

Working the Legs

Of course your ski training exercises need to work the legs as well; strong muscles in the legs are needed to keep you upright on the skis and to guide and direct you along the slopes or terrain.

To keep your legs in top shape do regular scissor, circular kicks. Lay on your left side, the top of your body supported by your left arm, your right hand in front of you for balance. Pull your right leg up towards the chest and then, keeping the leg bent, push the foot behind you. Straighten the leg so that your feet come together, and then pull it back up towards your chest so it’s come full-circle. Do this for a set of six, and then switch direction so the leg goes in a full circle the other way. Switch sides.

It’s imperative that you keep up with these exercises and all your other ski fitness exercises well before ski season. Don’t wait until the last minute to start getting yourself into shape! The sooner you commence and the more regular you are with these exercises, the better able you’ll be to tackle the roughest of slopes come ski season.

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